Bornean orangutan

Bornean orangutan, a species of monkey that we can only meet in a well-defined geographical area and if we are lucky enough to catch one of those rare moments when it deigns to descend from the trees. It usually lives on branches, sleeps, eats and mates up there.

Bornean orangutans: characteristics

Theresparse reddish fur it is one of the main features and one that catches the eye when you see an orangutan of this species for the first time. Also the details long arms, longer than average, which explain why this animal manages to move with agility among the branches.

Much larger than the female, the male can weigh even 90 Kg and reach a height of one meter, she instead weighs a maximum of 40 kg, usually, and does not exceed 80 cm in height except in rare cases. Beyond sex, the Bornean orangutans they spend their lives in the trees, they also sleep there, organizing a real bed even 50 m from the ground, suitable for an animal that tends to be solitary. The small groups that can be encountered are formed by the female and her baby, let's forget to see this orangutan turn in herd.

Bornean orangutan: cubs

Known as Orangutan Pongo Pygmaeus, this rainforest orangutan of Borneo who eat ripe fruit, in the reproductive period it takes possession of a determined territory, if male, and tries to mate with all the females that cross it. Once the female is expecting a baby, there is a gestation period of 9 months before seeing the puppy come to light.

Weaning of small Bornean orangutans it is long so the females reproduce every 6-8 years until the arrival of menopause around 48 years of age. Virtually shortly before he died, since the average life span of this animal is about 50 years.

Bornean orangutan: tatoo

The silhouette of the Orangutan lends itself to the art of tattoos, a symbol of power, strength and even freedom since he stands in peace in the trees in the middle of the forest without any human being disturbing him. Those who love this animal but not tattoos can opt for a fluffy one plush of the WWF from 23 cm and 20 euros, online.

Bornean orangutans at risk

In Indonesia, one of the areas where they live, these animals are at risk and there are those who have decided to denounce this situation with a film. The film is titled "Men of the forest", was shot with the aim of raising public awareness of the deforestation in Indonesia which endangers the very survival of our orangutans.

The idea for the film was born after a journey through the islands of Borneo and Sumatra when the director Francesco Menghini experienced firsthand how every year around 800 thousand hectares of forest are razed to the ground. One of the main causes is the industrial cultivation of oil palm, but it is not the only one.

Like this orangutan, other animals like the Snow leopard, for example, or the Otter, the Monk Seal in the Mediterranean some detailsamphibians

Bornean orangutan in 3D

In addition to actively contributing to the salvation of this animal, it can also be "adopted" in a nice and at the same time effective way if it comes to do not forget its existence and its fight against extinction. I am referring to this 3D wall or door sticker depicting an orangutan cub. Measures 62x42cm, self-adhesive, also perfect on wood.

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