Vegetable Cathedral in Lodi

Vegetable Cathedral in Lodi, a monument to nature or, better, to how it is possible that man and nature can coexist in harmony, without destroying each other but sharing the same spaces in a destructive way without the slightest violence. There Vegetable Cathedral in Lodi it is not an idea or an ideal but a real architecture created by Giuliano Mauri who has scattered them in other places, too, with wisdom and sobriety

19 Vegetable Cathedral in Lodi: where it is located

We must reach the left bank of the Adda river and find the "Ex Sicc" area to see what was created on a project by Mauri and under the artistic direction of Mauri's children. There Vegetable Cathedral in Lodi occupies an area of ​​1,618 square meters and consists of 108 wooden columns each with a diameter of 1.20 meters each. The structure is grande, that is, it is 18 meters high, 72 meters long and 22.48 meters wide, in total it houses 108 trees in continuous growth.

Plant Cathedral in Lodi: characteristics

On the one hand, you can look at this cathedral as an architectural work but in fact it is much more. It cannot even be confined to the definition of a religious building, it would be an offense to label it as a purely aesthetic whim. So what is the Vegetable Cathedral in Lodi?

A new way of living and penetrating nature that is certainly against the trend. Here, walking in the spaces between trees, you understand well what it means to be in contact with nature by listening to its silences and letting yourself be enveloped by its smells and by the darkness of the night. There Vegetable Cathedral in Lodi is certainly a work to be experienced, it is an experience that, only described or filmed, does not convey the idea of ​​one's power in terms of emotional impact.

Before realizing it in his own city, Mauri gave other sites to other sites Vegetable cathedrals no less fascinating before he died, in 2009, before seeing him realized the work of Lodi, posthumous but according to the project signed by the architect and left as an artistic testament.

Mauri, born in 1938, immediately devoted himself to art and architecture but in 1981, after meeting with Vittorio Fagone and Dieter Ronter, embraced the then European movement Art in nature and he was the only Italian artist together with Hermann Prigann and Nils Udo to create works and installations that would make the guidelines thus shared concrete.

Vegetable Cathedral in Lodi: timetables

The Plant Cathedral is in fact always open, by its nature, but it is better to organize yourself to reach it comfortably. Even with the means it is feasible, 15 minutes away from Lodi station.

Vegetable Cathedral in Lodi and other cathedrals

If the cathedral of Lodi di Mauri we like it, we can also go and see the other vegetable cathedrals by the same artist, built in previous years with the same philosophy.

The first, built in 2001, is located in Arte Sella in Borgo Valsugana, in the province of Trento, and is a symbol of the valley, also currently attracts thousands of visitors every year. The second Cathedral was started by the artist and completed by the family, is located in Park of the Orobie, in the province of Bergamo, and is less known than the previous one but just as fascinating.

Vegetable Cathedral in Lodi children

This work of art is perfect for children who will perhaps perceive its emotional power better than adults by not wanting it necessarily reading in an artistic or intellectual key. It is in fact better to approach the cathedral with a child spirit, ready to perceive new sensations and sounds, to listen to nature and not to dictate us the law. Once in a while!

There has been some controversy in the past as it was forbidden to approach the cathedral with horses, fortunately it is not forbidden for people, including children, even if they can interpret it as a playground. The important thing is to respect this structure and once you live it, it comes spontaneous to admire it and certainly does not come to mind to damage it. It reminds a little of the effect that some great works of topiary even if we are not on the same plan of action.

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