Driveway in stone, gravel or wood

How to design and build a garden path: how to build a driveway in stone or gravel. Tips, solutions and materials to use to make a path in the garden.

THEgarden pathsthey must be arranged season after season: in autumn the dry leaves are eliminated, in the summer the infested grasses are eliminated and in the spring the driveway is restored. The construction of a garden path can be carried out at any time of the year but autumn is the best time because almost all plants are found invegetative restand we don't risk damaging the neighboring blooms.

Trace the design of your avenue and, based on the length of the path to be made, buy the right amount of material. A stone avenue can give more space to the imagination: you can form regular geometric designs or intertwining patterns based on the chosen stone.

The first thing to do to make agarden path, is the preparation of a flat and regular surface: in theory, the path could be made directly on the grass but to maximize stability it is better to remove the turf at each stone that will have to be laid.

Gravel driveway

The first thing to do to make a gravel driveway is the construction of a trench to then continue with the laying of the curbs that will delimit the avenue.

Know that the gravel must be regenerated from year to year because it tends to disperse. For a gravel driveway to seal well, you need to rake the surface with long, flexible toothed tools to remove debris stuck between the various units of your garden drive. The curbs will need to be high enough so that the gravel does not disperse into the garden.

In the last paragraph we will see how to make agravel drivewayembellished with logs or wooden slats.

Driveway in stone

When we talk about making astone garden path, we refer to a large number of resistant materials ranging from porphyry cubes to split stone slabs. Porphyry is a very resistant stone and is widespread in the classic cubes format. At the end of the summer, all the out of place cubes must be relocated. Typically, thestone drivewayit is made on a bed of sand. For all the instructions on how to build a stone driveway, I refer you to the guide:

  • Making a path
    for a DIY stone drivewayeasier to install, with larger stone units such as slabs and self-locking.
  • How to pave the garden
    we explain in detail how porphyry is laid, cube by cube. A curb will be enough to make the path.

Wooden driveway: sleepers, bamboo or logs

Wooden or bamboo slats can be two good choices for those who want to build a very natural-looking driveway. Even more fun can be the creation of adrivewaygardengiven by wooden logs.

The wooden slats or bamboo must be pre-treated with an impregnating or nutrient for outdoor wood. Alternatively, you can leave them out in the elements without any protection. In this case, the natural wood will at first reach a pleasant grayish color but then they will be destined to rot and will have to be replaced.

How to make a driveway with wooden logs? For this DIY you will need pegs, wooden logs, sand and gravel. If you want something less rustic, you can take advantage of our guide (step by step) on how to build an outdoor wooden floor.

How to make a wooden driveway

  1. All along your path, dig a trench and, at the bottom, deposit a bed of sand and gravel.
  2. Place trunk sections (treated for outdoors), all at the same height. To position the logs in the best possible way, prop them up with pegs (you can buy them in DIY stores, ask for wooden wedge pegs). Use at least 5 pegs for each log to prevent any sort of movement and block the wood sections.
  3. With sand and gravel, fill in the free interstices between the logs until they are level with the ground and easy to walk on.
  4. Sweep the surface obtained making it homogeneous.

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