Ideas for the garden

Ideas for the garden, large or small, to arrange it in the best possible way and in a way that reflects our idea of ​​relaxation and freedom. It is not important that it is particularly flowery or crowded with plants or hedges, it must be the area where we can relax and enjoy our nature immersion area, in the form we prefer. For this reason, there are many garden ideas, even different to choose from, each according to their own tastes and also according to the climate of the area in which they live, which undoubtedly must be taken into consideration.

Garden ideas: flower beds

Creating flower beds is an excellent hydra if you want a tidy garden and, if large, divided into zones. If you have a small garden, you can keep it the flowerbed for flowers and plants to equip the rest of the space with chairs, tables, accessories and perhaps ad hoc flooring, as natural as possible, or lawn.

For the flower bed we create an effect border, with bushes and white stones and then inside we bring together plants of different species and sizes so that the result is colorful and "full". To choose which flowers to put in our flowerbed, here are some tips in the dedicated article. If you want to get into it, you can also start from scratch with the design of flower beds

Ideas for home garden

If it is the one at home, only ours, we can indulge ourselves with the strangest, eclectic, bizarre or even very simple and minimalist, depending on how we feel and the time we then have to take care of it. We pass through the special corner in the style of Zen to modern design gardens, to those witha stone fountain and sinuous lines, to the patchwork of flower beds and crowded.

If we have enough space and possibilities, we can make one small garden terrace to play on multiple levels and combine different plants, flowers and herbs, choosing from garden plants that we prefer and also proceeding personally, if we are able, to theirsplanting

Ideas for modern garden

The modern garden is often the minimalist one, among the most fashionable there are those in Japanese style that often house thered maple if there is space. It is a tree that is not only beautiful but also rich in profound meanings, to be cared for.

Cheap garden ideas

Maintain a well garden costs, effort and money, and time, often, so there are times when doing the math, it's best to opt for cheap garden ideas. It is a good compromise not to give up your green space but not to go down the drain for it. Among the possible options is that of stony garden, to be customized, or the one made after an accurate one selection of plants to be entered on the basis of their initial price and their resistance.

Ideas for garden furniture

For some ideas on furniture, you can rely on an expert such as Isabelle Palmer, an expert of good taste, who wrote "Indoor gardens. Ideas and inspirations for a garden inside the house”Also on sale on Amazon at 24 euros. A volume to be read but also to be admired in its beautiful photographs.

Creative garden ideas

A creative garden can be one made up of cacti and that's it. Original, comfortable and not at all cold because there are really very colorful cacti that have nothing to envy to the most famous flowering plants and hedges. Even the winter Garden it is original and gives us a relaxing atmosphere.

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