Ideas for a flowered balcony

There are those who want to grow vegetables and aromatic plants and those who prefer to show off a balcony rich in flowers; of ideas there are many, you just need to be guided by taste. There are a lot of plants that can decorate windows and balconies, some flowers they are more durable, other plants offer thriving vegetation only for a limited period of time.

Between ideas more functional to have a balcony flourishing 365 days a year, there is that of organizing flower boxes that carry perennials and inserting flower pots among these plants. Arranging the plants from flower together with the evergreen plants you will get a balcony bloomed in spring and summer and a balcony rich in vegetation in the cold periods of the year.

Among the evergreen plants perfect for balcony, we find the Palm of San Pietro and the Chinese Palm. When choosing plants for the balcony of the house must take into account the layout of the building. If the balcony is in full sun, you will have to choose plants that are more resistant to dryness, on the contrary, if the balcony is located in the shade of a building or is exposed where there is little light, you need to choose flowers which can thrive in a shady spot.

Another factor not to be underestimated is the arrangement of the flowers in balcony. In this context, the market offers us numerous possibilities, from planters for climbing plants to pots for railings like the one shown in the photo. The photo shows a railing planter with three seedlings of calibrachoa, a plant with a rich flowering that does not require special care. Calibrachoa blooms from April to October, withstands the sun well and tolerates partial shade.

The ideas more original see a balcony flowery where the plants are organized in particular compositions: what do you think of a hanging basket? If you have an old wicker basket, you can fill it with soil and compost and arrange a hanging pot full of colorful petunias.

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