Environmental requalification for the Navigli of Milan

The goal of a Milan "city of water" in view of Expo 2015 it is becoming more and more concrete. Thanks to the involvement of private sponsors with public administrations, the redevelopment of the Navigli is already in the works with the construction of a green road that will connect the city of Milan to the Regional Parks of the Ticino and Adda Valley.

Specifically, the intervention concerns a stretch of about one kilometer of the canal, from which waste and pests will be removed. Later, over 700 native plants will be planted including hawthorns, viburnums, privets, sloes, dogwoods and dog roses.

The plan of retraining includes:

  • the safety and consolidation of the banks of the Navigli without altering its historical and traditional features
  • the recovery of the navigability of the canals
  • the upgrading of the complex of towpaths with a cycle and pedestrian circuit
  • the restoration, along the routes, of the historic buildings and villas to be used for cultural activities or for public use.

THE Navigli they would become the means of connection with regional parks, but also with smaller metropolitan ones and with natural environments, functioning as the main collectors of the Milanese irrigation system. In this perspective i Navigli could represent an opportunity for a revaluation of the surrounding agricultural heritage in ecological, phytodepurative and production of plant biomass.

Concrete work towards the 2015 appointment to make the entire system of canals and waterways accessible from the Panperduto dams spreading along the Navigli, Villoresi up to Expo site, to then reach the Darsena in Milan. A large green / blue ring that will give added value to the Universal Exhibition

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