In Veneto it is Environment Week

The SEP fair in Padua is part of the Environment Week in Veneto

In Veneto the Environment Week, from 16 to 24 March, wanted by Veneto region to spread green issues with the active involvement of citizens. Everything actually looks like Green these days in the North East guide region, where from 19 to 22 March in Padua also takes place SEP - Green Revolution Exhibitionlounge area international dedicated to the Environment organized by PadovaFiere.

SEP 2013 is aimed at the world of manufacturing companies technologies for the environment. The laboratory set up above seems to be particularly interesting sustainable innovation and happiness: a working group made up of experts in various disciplines (engineering, sociology, economics, communication, etc.) promoter of a 'manifesto' being defined for a useful approach in the realization of a new development model and the revival of the economy.

SEP 2013 Green R-evolution Exhibition presents this year an area dedicated to the link between sustainable mobility ed renewable energies, the area MORE - MObility with Renewable Energy - organized by PadovaFiere in collaboration with professor Fabio Earrings, responsible of SEM - Energy and Mobility Systems, of the La Sapienza University of Rome.

SEP 2013 in Padua underlines the importance of sectors of great technological and commercial interest such as plants for high-efficiency use of energy (condensing boilers, solar cooling, energy efficiency technologies), i electric vehicles (with a focus also on public / collective transport and on the transport and handling of waste), and the renewable energies (photovoltaic and thermal solar, biomass, hydroelectric, geothermal, wind).

Important news at SEP Green R-evolution Exhibition 2013 is the debut of Aquater, save (and) let's look at the territory, the first Italian appointment dedicated to hydrogeological management, a sector which, according to estimates by the Ministry of the Environment, will require, in the coming years, interventions for over 40 billion euros.

Interest in Aquater is testified by the sponsorships for the initiative collected by PadovaFiere: ANBI (National Association of Reclamation and Irrigation), ITAL-ICID (Italian National Committee, International Commission for Irrigation and Drainage), Italian Hydrotechnical Association.

To the project Aquater, save (and) let's look at the territory inside SEP 2013 Regions, reclamation consortia, basin authorities, local administrations, mountain communities and many of the subjects in charge of hydrogeological management and water management participate. Aquater therefore promises to be the showcase of a sector that is indispensable both to the environmental heritage that belongs to everyone and to the economic relaunch of the Italian system.

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