Prepare a tincture with horsetail

Among the natural dyes we have already seen how to perform a color bath with yarrow: lenatural colorsobtained with theyarrowthey range from yellow, orange, moss-green and dark green. Today we will see how to prepare onetincture with horsetail. To find out more about horsetail, we recommend reading "Horsetail: properties and benefits

Thanks to'horsetail we can preparenatural dyesranging from gray to brown and from dark brown to very light yellow. L'horsetailit is a plant variety that does not exceed 50 centimeters in height. In spring it can be seen among the muddy grounds, along the edges of paths and fields. L'horsetailit is characterized by stems articulated in numerous knots and strange brown stems ending in a sort of spike.

The ears, better called amazing, are placed at the top of the stem and contain small pockets filled with a green-blue powder ... this substance is nothing but reproductive material: at the time of reproduction, thehorsetailreleases its spores to the wind.

To take advantage of thenatural dyeofhorsetail it will be necessary to exploit the green shoots that have reached the peak of their development. When I "mature ", the buds, show off shades of gray. For thepreparation of a natural tincture with horsetailit is recommended to work with the dried plant, which is easy to find in garden supply stores.

To prepare a yellow-gray bath to dye 100 grams of wool (or other suitable fabrics), it will be necessary to macerate, for a whole day, 200 grams of horsetailchopped and dried. It will then be boiled for 3 hours and cooled in the same bath.

As a standard procedure for etching, 100 grams of wool with 15 grams of alum should be boiled over low heat for about an hour. The mordanted wool must then be boiled over a moderate flame, right in the previously prepared color bath. The final treatment of the producttintedit will consist of a rinse wash to remove any residue.

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