Bad smell in the oven

Bad smell in the oven: tips for removing bad odors that are generated in the oven chamber. How to eliminate bad smells in the kitchen.

The oven is a device that comes into contact with a large number of foods. During cooking, fumes and food residues can remain in the oven and give rise to unpleasant odors. Thebad smell in the oven, generally, it is caused by the combustion fumes that accumulate in the oven chamber.

Fortunately, there are several solutions to the stink problem in the oven. By following our instructions you can sanitize, degrease and remove any bad smell from the oven. You will find many tips to thoroughly clean the oven on the dedicated pages:

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If the smelly oven is accompanied by burnt food residues and various leftovers, you may need to use a specific product. Among the various detergents on the market, we point out the Green Grill, a biological detergent for cleaning the oven, steel and grids. A pack of 300 grams costs about 11 euros (including shipping costs) and is easy to use: just wet the supplied sponge with water and pass it on the encrustations of the oven to be cleaned.

Often, thebad smell in the ovenit is dictated precisely by the smelly residues of food which, having slipped off the pan, remain on the bottom and walls of the oven. The fumes carry the liquid components of the food onto the walls and the upper part of the oven. In other words, to eliminate bad smells just use a detergent like the one mentioned above. Alternatively, here are some suggestions.

Remedies for bad smell in the oven

Among the remedies for bad odors are lemon juice, white vinegar and baking soda. These three ingredients are excellent and have the reputation of absorbing bad odors and restoring freshness to any material.

Lemon, an excellent remedy against bad odors of organic origin

The citric acid contained in the lemon is able to neutralize bad smells of food origin. Make an aqueous solution of 1 part of lemon juice for 3 parts of water. Pour this solution into a spray bottle and spray it along all surfaces of the oven.

When cleaning, do not neglect the racks and the dripping pan (baking tray). These cooking accessories must also be thoroughly cleaned.

To achieve good results from the first application, before using the spray, mix well and let the lemon juice rest for 3 - 4 hours in the water and mix well before use.

White wine vinegar or apple cider vinegar

Similarly to what we saw with the aqueous solution based on lemon juice, you can make one with white vinegar. Also in this case, the solution must be sprayed on all surfaces of the oven, including accessories.

Apple cider vinegar is made from an acid component of only 5%, in this case you can also use it pure as this percentage will not damage the components of the oven and will return better results in a short time.

Baking soda, a natural scrub to sanitize the oven

By adding a few drops of water to the baking soda, you can make a paste that is useful for cleaning the oven and at the same time eliminating bad smells. An oven scrub can be given from water, baking soda, and white wine vinegar.

Vinegar or lemon juice at high temperatures

If none of the methods listed above work, you can take advantage of the high temperatures to better clean the oven and eliminate bad smells. In this context, you have to fill the baking sheet with a finger of water and the juice of two lemons. Activate the oven at low intensity and leave it on for about an hour. Check periodically to make sure that the water has not completely evaporated. Turn off the oven and let it dry with the door closed. As an alternative to lemon juice, you can use vinegar, however lemon is recommended.

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