Chaste tree: properties and when to take it

Chaste tree, a much loved plant used almost exclusively by women of all ages. In fact, it has many beneficial effects that affect the menstrual cycle and menopause. Many, many more than anything else, know it as "False pepper", it has been known since ancient times and has always been known for the same ailments.

Chaste tree: plant and its properties

The Agnocasto plant is scientifically called Vitex agnus-castus, it is a shrub typical of the Mediterranean areas and does not like wetlands. If it is comfortable, it can reach six meters in height and produce groups of purple and blue flowers. It has fruits with an appearance that recalls pepper, which is why it is renamed "false pepper", used as natural remedy and certainly not like real pepper.

Chaste tree: when to take it

The fruits are sometimes used in the hope that they have a mild sedative function on the body, you can try it in case of small problems related to stress or if we suffer from involuntary intestinal spasms. In general, those who count onChaste tree to get better are women, because its best known field of action is that of menstrual cycle control, of hers hormonal changes or the metabolic modification during the menopause phase.

Despite being the most common use ofChaste tree, the results vary from person to person, it is a natural remedy and it is natural for our body to interact with it in various ways. It is therefore better to consult a specialist before using it.

His reputation for being powerful fertility remedy dates back to ancient times, centuries ago women took it hoping to become mothers and it seems that they were right: it does not solve, but it helps, because it often contributes to reducing factors limiting the ability to procreate, such as a polycystic ovary.

There is no shortage of examples of use of this plant such as calming, anti-stress and anti-anxiety, but you are much more likely to hear it recommended to give relief to those suffering from pain associated with PMS or to those women who want to regulate their menstrual cycle.

Agnocasto Solgar in capsules as a supplement: where to buy it

Simple and comfortable capsules of Chaste tree can be conveniently purchased on Amazon, in a package of Solgar Agnocasto we find 90 capsules of this precious food supplement.

Chaste tree in drops: price and where to buy it

For those who prefer drops, you can buy one on Amazon for 15 euros pack of Agnocasto, 100 are enough diluted in half a glass of water 3 times a day, preferably between meals. (100 drops = 4 droppers).

It is an excellent adjuvant undergoing menopause, it helps to deal with any states of nervousness and irritability, depression, but also more physical ailments such as swelling, fluid retention, hot flashes.

Agnocasto: opinions

As I mentioned, it cannot be evaluated at all the effectiveness of Agnocasto, varies a lot from person to person, and it is essential to check the contraindications before taking even a dose, preferably accompanied by a doctor.

In general it is well tolerated but there are those who are allergic or hypersensitive and may experience nausea, headache and increased menstrual bleeding. Those who already take drugs that already act on cycle control, including the birth control pill, are better off not taking theChaste tree and the same goes for anxiolytics, antidepressants, barbiturates and sleeping pills.

Chaste tree in pregnancy and menopause

You are pregnant away from this plant: acts on hormones, it could interfere with the normal development of the fetus. During menopause, on the other hand, this natural remedy is very welcome, which helps to deal with small and large ailments related to this phase of change. The typical hot flashes, the annoying water retention, the possible hair loss.

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