How to make a bonsai from a seed or a branch

How to make a bonsai from a seed or a branch: tips for growing bonsai starting from the seed or branch with the cutting technique.

How to make a bonsai from the branch

The technique ofcuttingit is perfect for moving ahead and obtaining a well-developed bonsai already after the first years of cultivation. Multiplication by cuttings is very common, it consists in taking one or more branches from the plant and placing them in a suitable substrate in order to induce rooting.

For thebonsai cuttingyou have to choose a healthy mother plant, which you will go to cut a young branch that you will need to give life to your new onebonsai. To do thebonsai cuttingyou have to follow some precautions such as:

The substrate

The substrate (or soil) that will induce the rooting of the branch must not be fertile. Use simple peat mixed with sand. The substrate must be kept moist until the complete rooting of thebonsai cutting.

The branch

Choose a young branch, taken from a strong and vigorous mother plant. The branch to be cut must have a length between 10 and 15 cm.

Exposure and temperature

Cover the branch, placed in the substrate, with a transparent bell obtained by cutting a plastic bottle. Alternatively, you can choose a plastic bag. The purpose of the bell is to raise the temperature of the air surrounding the branch. Therebonsai cuttingit should be kept in a very bright place but away from direct sunlight. The plastic bag (or bottle) must be placed in such a way as to allow the entry of a cannula that you will need for periodic irrigation: the substrate must be kept moist!

Rooting hormone

In jargon it is calledrooting hormone, in reality it is not a hormone but simple stimulating substances that recall the hormones already present in the plant tissues and favor the rooting of the branch. The use of rooting hormone forbonsai cuttingis strongly recommended.

Among the various products on the market we point out the live green rooting hormone, particularly suitable for woody cuttings such as that of bonsai.

How to make bonsai cutting with rooting hormone?
Simply immerse the base of the bonsai cutting in water to a depth of about three centimeters. Let the base drain well, it will be enough for it to be moist.

Dip the base of the moistened cutting into the rooting powder and then place it in the mixture of simple peat and sand.

The rooting powder recalls the auxins in the marginal area of ​​the branch; auxins are plant substances that play a key role in the synthesis of new roots.

The rooting period varies according to the type ofbonsaiwe wantcultivate. You will understand that the plant has emitted its roots when you notice signs of vegetative recovery (emission of new shoots). When the branch has released its roots, it can be placed in its final home.

How to make a bonsai from seed

Cultivate abonsaistarting from the seed is a very difficult undertaking and above all not for everyone. Only personalities with great passion, perseverance and patience will be able to try their hand atcultivation of bonsai from seed.

Of course, growing a bonsai from seed has many advantages: the plant can be grown as a bonsai from the first sprout! The sowing of the bonsai allows you to create a very precise tree structure. You can decide the diameter, length and shape of the trunk as well as the number and length of the branches… In short, when starting from sowing, nothing should be left to chance.

We recommend sowing a large number of seeds because not all of them get to germinate. The seeds must be buried and the soil must be kept moderately moist. Choose a soft soil and arm yourself with a lot of patience: it takes many years to obtain a bonsai from sowing. For further information:how to cure a bonsathe.

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