Plants that can withstand the heat

With the arrival of summer, gardens and balconies are filled with colors; Sometimes it happens that some plants die because they can't stand high temperatures!

To avoid frustrating your efforts in gardening, know that there are beautiful plants on the market that do not suffer from high temperatures and that adapt very well even without too much water or shade available. In this regard we will show you what the plants more resistant to heat for your garden or terrace.

Plants that can withstand the heat

  • Lavender

Lavender is a rustic plant whose cultivation does not require special care: we can grow it in the garden or in pots, on the balcony or terrace. It is not necessary to water it often and it can also be exposed in full sun ... in short, it is a very versatile plant, the only thing it does not tolerate are water stagnation!
It blooms in spring and summer and its flowers can be harvested throughout the flowering period.
Thanks to its scent, lavender attracts a large number of bees, bumblebees and butterflies.
Its flowers can be dried and then used to perfume rooms and wardrobes.

  • Geranium

Colorful and summery, geraniums are able to withstand the heat very well. As in the case of lavender, geraniums also fear too frequent watering and too humid soils, therefore it will be sufficient to pay attention to water stagnation.
The most suitable species for balcony cultivation is the “ivy” variety, characterized by a beautiful cascading habit. The falling geraniums are appreciated for the considerable amount of flowering: if you want to give more color to the balcony, you can grow geraniums together with the verbene, you will get a contrast of colors that would be the envy of all passers-by.
There are also zonal geraniums, which are characterized by an erect posture and a dark spot on the leaves: if you opt for this species, it is preferable to fill the spaces by alternating the plants with lobelia or bluebells.

  • Impatiens New Guinea

This plant has abundant and prolonged flowering. The name of the genus refers to the fact that, when the plant is mature, the seed capsule, with a single touch, splits and throws the seeds away. Very suitable for gardens and balconies even in summer, it fears not the heat but the excessive wind.

  • Petunia

Native to South America, petunia is grown as an annual as it cannot withstand the cold. On the other hand, it tolerates the heat very well and from mid-spring to mid-autumn it offers beautiful cascades of flowers in different colors.

  • Nasturtium

It is a plant that does not need special care; for this reason we find it in many gardens and flower boxes. It blooms from spring to late summer producing numerous fragrant flowers in shades of yellow and red. It is an edible plant in all its parts: flowers and leaves are very rich in vitamin C, they can enrich salads and the seeds not yet ripe can also be used as salted capers.

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