How to make money from waste

Earning from waste it is possible, in every region of Italy you can find the so-called "green landfills“, That is, collection sites ready to donate money for a quantity of waste. Waste can make you about 250 euros per year but it all depends on our consumption and our separate collection. What needs to be done is to collect large quantities of material and separate it well from other waste matter. Green landfills accept are suitably sorted waste. Since 2012, with the crisis, even waste has suffered a loss of value but generalizing we can make a statement of revenues for each kilogram of recyclable material:
Aluminum: 0.50 €
Iron: € 0.20
PET: € 0.18
Card: € 0.05
For factories and businesses, there are various services for the recovery of waste materials, an example is given by the South Recycling Center, a company that offers collection activities but also transport and treatment of metal waste. The service of the Aluminum Packaging Consortium is intended for everyone, it deals with the collection of aluminum, another European leader in the collection of aluminum, in the case of cans is Igora which is committed to providing containers and presses for more efficient management. The 2011 packaging consortium price list provides for a refund of 52 euros for each ton.
Another similar service is offered by the EcoPunto franchise brand it is aimed at both consumers and companies. It has spread to some areas of Italy and aims to make the recycling economically more convenient for users so as to give a concrete possibility of I earn. The model proposed by EcoPunto seems to be the simplest one and within everyone's reach.

The solution offered by "EcoPunto"Is very convenient and together with the"green landfills"Is the model that comes closest to the needs of users. As for recycling, it is good to remember that with a little creativity and manual skills, sculptures and everyday objects could be obtained that can be resold on ebay or at city fairs.

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