What goes into the glass collection

What goes into the glass collection: light bulbs, dishes, mirrors, crystal glasses…. here are the false friends of glass that do not go to the separate collection of this material.

Before talking about theseparate collection of glass, I ask you some simple questions to test your skill in sorting waste.

  1. – Where do you throw away the supermarket receipts?
    They don't go into the card!
  2. – Where do you throw away the medicine blisters?
    They do not go into aluminum or undifferentiated!
  3. – Where do you throw the polystyrene?
    It does not go undifferentiated!
  4. – Where do you throw your CDs and DVDs?
    They don't go with aluminum.

If, on four simple questions, you have one or more answers wrong, then it is time to review and learn how toseparate waste well. After the correct answers, I recommend reading a very detailed guide on what to throw and what not to throw in the individual separate collections for saving resources.

  1. Receipts
    The receipts, even if made of paper, are printed with an ink that is particularly difficult to manage and therefore must be thrown into the collection of inorganic dry (undifferentiated).
  2. Blister
    The blister packs of medicines are thrown into the plastic collection, it is a multi-material and must be treated just like the Tetrapak.
  3. Polystyrene
    It must be conferred with the separate collection of plastic.
  4. CDs and DVDs
    They should not be disposed of together with the WEEE (where you should put light bulbs, printers, old mobile phones and other electronic devices), they should be collected unsorted.

How to separate waste

On the pagehow to do separate collection wellthere are instructions on:

  • what to throw in the dry inorganic
  • what to throw in the recycling of plastic
  • what to confer with paper and cardboard
  • what to throw in the organic bucket
  • how to separate hazardous urban waste
    (i.e. paints, dyes, inks ....)

We will see belowwhat goes into separate glass collection.

What goes into the glass collection

In Italy the number of families running theseparate collection of glassbut the number of people who erroneously confers objects defined as “false friends of glass” into the glass bells is still high.

In separate collection of glass, and therefore in the green, yellow or brown bells that we find in the city, we can only insert objects that are really made of glass such as:

  • Glass jars
    Like the jar of Nutella, tomato preserves, pickles, jams ....
  • Glass bottles
    Green, brown or clear bottles
  • Glass jars
    Like jars of baby food, meat or tuna fillet ...

What NOT to throw in the separate glass collection:

  • Decorations
    Yes, that is to say the Christmas decorations that look like glass or blown glass. These objects are given in the collection of undifferentiated dry.
  • Lamps and bulbs
    Illuminations, lamps and bulbs do not go in the glass collection. These objects must be collected in the WEEE waste collection. Almost everything that runs on electricity goes to WEEE waste.
  • Pyrex
    The cups, the ovenproof dishes and the salad bowls resistant to heat and low temperatures are made of pyrex glass ceramic, it is a material that cannot be given in theseparate collection of glassbut it must be thrown away with unsorted waste (non-recyclable waste).
  • Screens and displays
    The screens of PCs and TVs, as well as the displays of smartphones or tablets, should not be given in theglass collectionbut collected with WEEE.
  • Mirrors
    The mirrors (whether broken or intact) are not made of glass so they should not be disposed of with the glass collection but with the undifferentiated (non-recyclable waste).
  • Crystals
    Glasses of crystals, chandeliers, ashes and similar objects, should not be thrown in the glass collection but in the black bin as it is non-recyclable waste.

Thereglass collectionit is a very delicate phase: glass loses its value if made impure by other materials! To learn more about theseparate collection of glasswe invite you to read the in-depth pages:

  • Glass collection for a fee
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  • Recycle glass bottles:how to cut glass bottles.

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