Tips for choosing the security door

Choose armored door:advice for buying an armored door. The features to be evaluated and precautions for efficient installation: it is useless to install an armored door and the assembly is not thief-proof!

Theresecurity dooris a crucial element for those who aim to maximize home security: most thieves enter through the front door andbuy a security doorcan make the difference between a burglary and a thief-proof house. On this page we will see some tips and features to evaluate forchoose the security doorbest suited to your needs.

Tips for choosing armored door

Forchoose the best security doorit is necessary to keep an eye on the main features of the security door such as: safety lock, counterframe, door, frame, side bolts, opening limiter and any reinforcements to be adopted during installation.

The security lock

The lock represents theheartof thesecurity door. On the market there are locks with more or less sophisticated mechanisms. The most obsolete are locks with double-bitted keys (thieves force them with the so-calledBulgarian lock pick) while the most advanced and safest locks are those withEuropean safety profile cylinder.

The European safety cylinder consists of two elements, a lock (with latches and latch) and the cylinder (a spring and piston system that opens and closes the door). With the European profile cylinder, it is the complexity of the key that makes the difference: the more elaborated the key, the greater the security ofsecurity door.

Armored doors, characteristics

None security door it is truly inviolable but what makes the difference is thetime factor. The armored doors which require more time for forcing, a priori discourages thieves who take their attention elsewhere. Inchoice of security door, thefeaturesto keep an eye on concern the "goodness" of the materials used and the precautions provided.

Frame, subframe and safety door

The subframe, for example, must be made of galvanized steel and have a thickness of no less than 2 mm. Even better if the subframe is shaped because it has a higher seal. The frame that guarantees greater resistance is that with folded sheet metal, however, when choosing, you must make sure that the frame is reinforced in the most critical points, that is, in those points where it can be forced. The door, with its coating that can be chosen according to stylistic needs, can be equipped with electro-galvanized steel reinforcements and with folded profiles.

Steel brackets and side bolts for perfect installation

Provide a dozen steel brackets to fix the frame and the subframe to the wall. L'installation of the security door it is a very delicate phase so it is better if the steel clamps are able to penetrate the wall for a length of 10 - 15 cm and even better block them with quick-setting cement. To better fix thesecurity doorside bolts are provided, anti-jerking devices which are arranged on the side of the hinges.

Security lock and opening limiter of the armored door

The safety lock, as described in the previous paragraph, must be suitably protected with a defender and equipped with an anti-tear and anti-drill cylinder. In parallel, it is essential to equip the door with a steel opening limiter, this device serves to protect the user who has to open the security door to a stranger.

Armored doors, security class

Like the energy class of household appliances that indicate their efficiency, armored doors can also count on onecertificationwhich goes to indicate efficiency in terms of safety. The best class ofarmored doorsand theclass 6.

The reference standard is ENV 1627 and thanks toclassthe user can get an idea in terms of"Degree of burglar-proof security of windows". It starts fromclass 1to get to theclass 6in ascending order of resistance. Aclass 4 armored doorit is resistant, in addition to the classic screwdrivers and pliers, also to the so-called crowbar or more invasive tools such as saws, hammers and drills.

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