Maintenance of photovoltaic panels

Most times it is the rain that takes care of the maintenance of photovoltaic panels, precipitation removes dust and sweeps away accumulated leaves; however, it is important to follow some simple rules to prevent costly breakdowns and preserve the efficiency of the solar panels.

Maintenance of photovoltaic panels, the rules

  1. The system must be checked annually, especially in areas where snowfalls are frequent: the supporting substructure can be “tested” by the weight of the snowfall and suffer from strong thermal variations. The check must be done in the months leading up to the summer.
  2. Monitor the performance of forms and photovoltaic system. Thanks to the monitoring tools it is easy to understand when there is a drop in the energy produced so as to intervene promptly before the failure extends.
  3. If centralized monitoring systems are missing, you should compare the data provided by your own photovoltaic panels with those of our neighbors or acquaintances who reside in the surrounding area. If you are too shy, there are databases online where you can find data. The comparison is important to understand how thesolar system.
  4. Installations located in agricultural areas or countryside areas are the most demanding. It is advisable to remove pollen, foliage, bird droppings or resins. In this regard, "visual checks”To inspect the surface of the photovoltaic panels.
  5. No operation of maintenance it must be carried out in the rain or when i photovoltaic panels they are wet.
  6. Always check the product warranty and the performances assured by your supplier by comparing them with the real yields.

Maintenance of photovoltaic panels, products

  1. No pressure washing tools should be used to clean the photovoltaic panels
  2. Avoid household cleaners unless they are particularly delicate
  3. It is forbidden to use diluents and particularly aggressive cleaning substances
  4. To counteract the accumulation of leaves, brushes with soft and flexible bristles are installed
  5. For cleaning, use water and soft cloths or a large soft, non-abrasive sponge
  6. In the case of resins, if water is not enough, purchase a special product such as the "Solar Cleaner" or other ad hoc detergents

Tips for choosing a brush for cleaning photovoltaics

We recommend a good brush for cleaning photovoltaic systems that you can easily buy online: Solar-Wash Kit Brush for photovoltaic cleaning.

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