Experimentdays, the collaborative living fair

Experimentdays the Collaborative Living Fair arrives in Milan on Saturday 11 and Sunday 12 October 2014 at Barra A (via Ampere 61 / a). Born in Germany 10 years ago Experimentdays it is an opportunity to improve the quality of daily life while also saving money and energy. Instead of just admiring the countries of Northern Europe, you can visit them Experimentdays and discover the projects in progress and those possible to start, here and now. Just be willing to "experiment", as the name of the event suggests, "Experimentdays”, And as he explainsMarta Corubolo, HousingLab founder.

1) Experimentdays: how, where, when and above all why come?

Experimentdays the Collaborative Living Fair is held on Saturday 11 and Sunday 12 October, for the first time in Milan in the spaces of Avanzi al Barra A in via Ampère 61 / a. During Experimentdays the whole world of collaborative living gathers in the same place, organized in four areas: co-living, co-designing, co-building, collaborating, with a rich program of meetings and workshops. It is the opportunity to see new ways of living in the city up close and to learn about ongoing projects. The complete program is online on the site.

2) How and when did the idea of ​​Experimentdays come about? How did it then develop?

Experimentdays, is a fair-event born in Germany, in Berlin, 10 years ago, organized by id22e which has also developed in other European cities. Experimentdays is a fixed, annual event that involves architects, facilitators, builders, groups of people looking for others to create a co-housing or other forms of living. TO Experimentdays banks and foundations are also involved, ready to support these projects. In Milan we have added a new category of exhibitors: i collaborative services, such as shared laundry, digital platforms between neighbors, condominium gardens, food, furniture and internet service purchasing groups.

3) Experimentdays is dedicated to Collaborative Living: but what does it mean?

Collaborative living encompasses all the experiences in which people share spaces designed for collaboration and / or services or initiatives that promote relationships between neighbors. Experimentdays,with collaborative living, aims at a better quality of life, given by an easier management of everyday life and a also economic savings. Co-housing, building cooperatives, solidarity condominiums, social housing experiences, some student residences are all examples of collaborative housing but others will also be found at Experimentdays.

4) What are the environmental benefits of collaborative living?

In the design phases, the collaboration between future neighbors allows to experiment and introduce high energy efficiency solutions: passive house, photovoltaic panels, wooden constructions. Then, there are the advantages related to the introduction of a collaborative type: the shared use of professional laundries and ecological detergents or the joint purchase of a car sharing vehicle. All these aspects are related to Experimentdays.

5) In which countries is the collaborative living that we see at Experimentdays most developed?

The northern Europe it is certainly the geographical area where the greatest number of collaborative living experiences can be found. In Italy, in the last 10 years, interest in these practices has grown considerably and some experimental projects have been born that open the discussion around collaboration and promote a different and more sustainable offer.

6) Are there any Italian examples in line with the Experimentdays philosophy?
Of course, there are many initiatives underway. For example, a new recovery project of the Cascina Gerola in Chiaravalle, on the outskirts of Milan, where is promoting a co-housing initiative, with many common spaces and green areas for vegetable gardens and orchards. Or Vivit, live, live and share a Fiorenzuola D'Arda: a project of collaborative housing and services designed to accommodate self-sufficient elderly people and people with slight frailties. Others are located in Experimentdays.

7) Three events not to be missed at Experimentdays?

In the calendar of Experimentdays, to understand how to improve energy efficiency through collaborative services on Saturday 11 October at 2.30 pm there is the meeting Energy Efficiency in Living. Also on Saturday at 5.30 pm, together with Collaboriamo, we will compare neighborhood experiments like the social street with some digital platforms to try to make our living spaces more collaborative. TO Experimentdays there is also a meeting dedicated to those who dream of a collaborative home: Sunday 12 October, 4.00 pm, there is the Project Market.

Here is the official video of Experimentdays:

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