In the Mediterranean, floating wind power

In the wonderful waters of the Mediterranean, tests are started to verify the efficiency of floating wind turbines. What is about to come to life in the Mediterranean is a project that has its roots in 2009, it is the first test in the world that aims to exploit thewind energy by setting up floating offshore wind turbines.

The project is funded by the European Commission's Seventh Framework Program. Is called "Inflow", Literally"Influx" and has the goal of producing 26 MW of electricity in the short term until reaching the capacity of 150 MW by 2018.

With Influx we kick off the era offloating wind. The project is headed by the French company Technip but ten partners are interested and gathered in Paris to discuss the potential offloating wind. The staging site is located off the coast of Marseille.

Inflow is proposed as an innovative solution for the market ofoffshore wind. The project is of crucial importance: it will have to demonstrate competitiveness in a delicate sector such as that of renewable. When it comes to wind energy you enter a minefield, the debates seem endless and in the case ofoffshore wind, “Inflow " it will have to bring solutions to bridge the gap between the development phases and the industrialization of technology.

A first 35 kW prototype was already tested in 2009, currently there is talk of a offshore plant consisting of 13 floating turbines. At the end of the tests, it will be possible to evaluate all the aspects necessary to start asustainable industrialization. The turbines used are the result of the project Vertiwind, already tested previously.

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