How much energy efficiency does it save?

The municipal administrations of the Campania Region they might save 40 million euros in energy consumption. Not only the Campania administrations they waste money and energy but they also violate an obligation. The Campania Region is worryingly overdue regarding compliance with the mandatory presence of EnergyManagers within public administrations and municipalities with more than 15,000 inhabitants. Only 9% of Campania public bodies make use of this professional figure and in Italy only 11%. Public and private entities could create big ones economic savings geazie for more effective energy management.

There is a lot of talk about Spending Review, management optimization and cost reduction, yet if we consider "a town of 18 thousand inhabitants, whose consumption by the municipal administration represents about 1.5% of the total of the territory, with a typical value of 6,200 MWh, including consumption of municipal public buildings, public lighting and vehicle fleet fuels, thanks to theEnergyManager a saving of 930 MWh could be recorded, with a failure to enter the atmosphere of approximately 700 tons of CO2 is 130,200 euros saved. Consequently in Campania, the economic saving annual total, resulting from the EnergyManager activity could be around 40 million euros.‚ÄĚThese are the estimates reported by Anea, the Neapolitan Energy and Environment Agency.

Campania is not the only one not to comply with the obligation of the presence of Energy Managers, in Italy only 11% of local authorities have met this condition with just 133 appointments in 2011 compared to the 1064 envisaged. The 133 appointments of the EnergyManagers mainly occurred in the North with 70 Bodies, in the South the Bodies that complied with the obligation are 34 while in the Center only 29.

The delay in compliance with this obligation is linked to several factors. On the one hand, it is difficult to find EnergyMangers, who, despite being a professional figure introduced in Italy by law 10 of 1991, is difficult to find. On the other hand, there is little knowledge and administrations tend to underestimate the potential offered byenergy efficiency.

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