WWF is looking for volunteer cyclists

The WWF is looking for cyclists volunteers who get on two wheels to save the Earth. If your passion is there bicycle why not take this opportunity so as to contribute to the well-being of the Earth ecosystem with a nice ride? Two special guests will participate in the event, the singers Elisa and Niccolo ’Fabi.

This is not a cycling competition but a noble work: i cyclists they will become energy donors during the Hour of the Earth event, organized by the WWF.

On the WWF website, selections have been opened to collect applications from volunteer bikers who on March 31, from 8.30 pm, on the occasion of the Earth Hour, want to get on two wheels to meet the energy needs of the "Pedal stage”Of the Tetes de Bois. The stage that will host the free concert "Goodbike”And that it will be powered by 128 bicycles pedaled by cyclists recruited on the web since WWF.

The stage will be set up in Rome, in the town of Castel Sant’Angelo and among the guests, the exceptional ones are two Italian singers: Elisa and Niccolo Fabi. Other testimonials of the event WWF I'm the presenter Paola Saluzzi, the Italian rugby team and all the ambassadors of the previous editions, including the Roma footballer Francesco Totti, the singer Marco Mengoni and the famous Italian swimmer Massimiliano Rosolino.

March 31 will be a real world tour with the lights out, thousands of cities, monuments, buildings and homes will turn off their lights for the sake of the environment. In Italy there are 190 municipalities that will participate and numerous monuments that for an hour will cease to emit CO2: Castel Sant'Angelo and the Dome of St. Peter in Rome, the Teatro alla Scala in Milan, Piazza San Marco in Venice, the Tower of Pisa, Duomo, Baptistery and Ponte Vecchio in Florence, the Mole Antonelliana of Turin, the Sassi of Matera, the Aquarium of Genoa ...

How does the Pedal stage? The concert Goodbike is the first eco-show in the world powered by the power of cyclists. The cyclists wwf volunteers with their rides they will not only illuminate the stage but also feed the acoustic system. The 128 bicycles have a special stand connected to a dynamo, so that, with each pedal stroke, the kinetic energy generated by cyclist it will be directly converted to electric to give life to the live show. If anyone remembers the old experiment of the hamster running in the wheel and the dynamo connected to the light bulb, they will immediately understand how 128 pedalers can produce so much energy!

Video: Volunteering with WWF Malaysia (November 2021).