Wind power

Portable Power Center, the portable wind farm

L'wind energyit is having an ever stronger increase in the last ten years with a rather important investment boom. This economic increase also corresponds to research to minimize the environmental impact due to the size of the turbines which often prove difficult to transport for on-site installation. The US company Uprise Energy took care of some problems with his own Uprise Portable Power Center, the first portable wind turbine. Thanks to this surprising technique, it will be possible to install the renewable energy system without the need for excavations in the ground, thus also facilitating any movement to another place.

L'portable wind power is already assembled: the system can be positioned without the need for assembly as it has four mobile supports that facilitate any movement from one area to another. Unlike conventional turbines which have to be transported in pieces and then assembled, Uprise Energy is transported using the capacity of the Portable Power Center which folds and encloses a structure up to 24 meters high with 6.5m (5.300kg) blades in a box. It is also easily transportable through an ISO container of about 12 meters, pulled by a vehicle with a trailer, making transport on large routes particularly easy.

The power ofwind power plant it is 50 kW and is capable of rotating its axis by 360 degrees and modifying the rotation speed of the wind turbines to make the most of the wind direction. With a breeze of 20 km / h it can supply energy to about 15 houses, up to 71 houses if the wind rises to 32 km / h. The plant has a storage system that allows you to collect the energy produced in excess and in the absence of demand. Production costs are lower than traditional ones wind farms: about 11 US cents per kWh.

For maintenance and repairs, the whole can be tilted horizontally plant, making operations easier and cheaper, but above all by decreasing the risk possibilities for professionals. A plant similar can prove to be efficient on several occasions, both permanent and temporary, wind permitting.

Video: Trinity Portable Wind Turbine Power Station (November 2021).