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Grow a vegetable garden, Save the World

You go to the vegetable counter, choose a package and go to the cashier. Wait a minute, but where do the fruits and vegetables you buy at the supermarket come from? No, we are not asking you if it is Organic products but only those who collect them and their origin. While the procedures of cultivation are dubious - massive use of pesticides, hormones ... -, there are as many doubts about company policies: many industries, although active in Italy, prefer foreign labor, even talking about modern slavery.

There big organised distribution it does not make life easier for small and medium-sized businesses farms and also the big industries of the sector agri-food exploit "binders " foreigners who risk being treated as for the cultivation of fruit and vegetables slaves of the agri-food system. So, before buying any agricultural product from the shelves of the big organised distribution, find out about the alternatives, perhaps in the area where you live there is a small producer on your own.

The small ones farms premises are often family-run, this is a guarantee for labor policies and also for the harvest: as there is a lower production, the harvest will be treated without the use of industrial processes such as the massive use of pesticides or hormones.

You can turn to small local producers or "save the world"With yours private garden. Where can you start a vegetable garden private?
-On the terrace
-on the balcony
-in the garden
-in the courtyard of the condominium
-On the road

The plants that grow near your home will absorb carbon dioxide emissions, give you back clean air and save you money on your home grocery shopping. On the terrace or on the balcony you can cultivate just about everything, even better if you have a piece of land at your disposal but if you live in a studio apartment ... don't give up, you can always set up your urban garden with the help of the municipality of residence!

Edited by Anna De Simone

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