Polimix is ​​here, the green asphalt

Thanks to electric cars, much is being done to travel the streets without impacting the environment. But the roads are covered with asphalt, a highly polluting material! Here comes an important discovery from Spain that paves the way for eco-sustainability, the Polimix. Polimix is ​​an asphalt composed of plastic materials and tires of recycled tires.

The use of this innovative asphalt it has already been tested, it has in fact entirely covered the new M-300 road, located at the entrance to the town of Alcalà de Henares, a town in the Spanish capital. It is a busy road as according to statistics 45,000 vehicles pass through it every day.

This innovative material, not only ensures a flooring a zero emissions but it gives the possibility to recover and reuse plastic materials destined to be waste difficult to dispose of, since they constitute the materials of which the Polimix.

ll Polymix was developed as part of the Life + project, funded by the European Union, in order to promote initiatives of a character environmental and eco-sustainable. In the research team, it is worth mentioning the University of Cantabria and AIMPLAS, which have greatly contributed to creating this material.

Thanks to its remarkable performance, the polimix ensures better resistance ofasphalt which reduces its consumption. Consequently, significant economic savings will also be obtained in terms of infrastructure maintenance.

Video: Asphalt Pavement Principles: Density and Durability (July 2021).