Expo 2020

Expovisions, smart ideas for a better life

Urban environments tailored to citizens, sustainable mobility, smart administration and always clear skies. Expovisions aims to capture the image of the dream city for the modern citizen, so internationally renowned speakers will meet between round tables and projects aimed at improving the quality of city ​​life.

The appointment is for Friday 14 September at the Piccolo Teatro Studio in via Rivoli, in Milan. The event will open at 2.30 pm and together with the CEO of Expo 2015 SpAMarco Patuano, CEO of Telecom Italia, Andrea Sironi of the Bocconi University and the media theorist Steven Berlin Johnson will speak. Prominent personalities will join with visionary minds for the first leg of Expovisions dedicated to the "Smart Ideas for a better life“, smart ideas for a better life.


Innovation, sustainability and technological development. A preliminary taste of the themes that will accompany theExpo Milan 2015. At the center of the round table we will talk about Possible Future, and the project will be launched Changemakers for Expo Milano 2015. From energy mobility, will shed light on 10 innovative ideas to improve the lifestyle of at least one million citizens.

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