How to protect the environment

Some habitual and apparently normal actions can contribute substantially to thepollution of the environment? Yes, every day without realizing it, we commit eco crimes that inexorably affect the environment. If some daily rules were respected, in 10 years, 7.4% of greenhouse gas emissions. Why not have an environmentally responsible attitude at all times of the day, at home, at work and in the car?

How to protect the environment. The society
Let's talk to our friends and acquaintances, let's tell them how important it is to carry out effective separate collection. Let us make them aware not to abandon waste on the street and set a good example. We can even organize a green event or a themed dinner.

How to protect the environment. In home
We avoid energy dispersion: it is necessary to isolate buildings as much as possible, with particular regard to windows and roofs which are the most critical points.

  • We replace inefficient boilers and air conditioners with new ones and periodically carry out good maintenance.
  • We avoid overheating apartments and offices and then stay in our shirt.
  • We make adequate use of household appliances for their real load capacity.
  • We lower the thermostat by one degree in winter and raise the air conditioner by one degree in summer.
  • We put double glazing on the windows.
  • We choose the shower in the bathroom.
  • We mount the flow reducers on the taps.
  • We never leave the television and other appliances on stand-by.
  • We turn off the water while we soap or brush our teeth.
  • We always differentiate garbage: glass, paper, plastic, aluminum and damp must always be separated.
  • We never leave your cell phone or notebook charging more than necessary.
  • We immediately replace incandescent bulbs with fluorescent ones.
  • When we buy an appliance, make sure it is of energy class A.

How to protect the environment. By car
We decrease the driving too bright by reducing the maximum speed: it is advisable never to exceed 2,000 rpm at the engine. Apply a driving style ecological allows us to have significant savings on fuel costs. The strategy is simple, as soon as you reach 2,000 rpm (visible on the desk, in the box next to the odometer) you will need to engage a higher gear.

Unnecessary items are often stored in the trunk. For example, snow chains during the summer months. Every 20 kg of useless items increases by an average of 0.5% the fuel consumption. We fit low friction tires. When buying a new car, we pay close attention to the amount of CO2 emissions. Maybe opt for an electric or hybrid car.

And in the field of fashion?
Due to fashion, sales, the desire to change, every year a million tons of semi-new clothes are thrown away. For every kilo of virgin cotton, 33 kilos of carbon dioxide are produced, an amount that goes up a lot for synthetic fabrics: used clothes can save tons of greenhouse gases.
You can invest in quality in defense of the environment: many companies are now investing in ecological fabrics, just get informed.

How to protect the environment. Foods
It is estimated that in Italy food waste costs 560 euros per family. Throwing away food, especially that of animal origin such as meat and milk, is an eco-crime with very strong repercussions onenvironment. Only the milk wasted in a year in our country costs 40 thousand tons of greenhouse gases, the equivalent produced by 10 thousand cars. It also follows a complex waste management. Are we ready to make an ecological change in our life?

If all this is not enough for you, you can join the Greenpeace programs by becoming activists.

Video: Extraordinary Earth: Ways to protect the environment from home l GMA (November 2021).