The Italian photovoltaic creates jobs ... abroad

Millions of jobs from the Green Economy. Yes but where?

Enertronica Spa of Frosinone and Gefran Spa of Provaglio d’Iseo (BS) will jointly build a 5,000 square meter plant for the production of photovoltaic systems in Cape Town, South Africa. The production plant will be headed by the newco Gefran-Enertronica S.A. Pty Ltd and will exploit the programmatic incentive plan of the energy production from renewables launched by the South African Ministry of Energy between now and 2030.

The partnership between Enertronics, which realizes photovoltaic systems, is Gefran, specialized in the sector of automation components and systems for the control of industrial processes, is aimed at the production of inverters with a power range between 20 kW and 330 kW, the assembly of modular panels and containers up to 1.6 MWp, the design and construction of fastening and tracking structures for photovoltaic systems, in addition to engineering and maintenance services.

Instead, it seems that the Italian plant of MX Group, the company based in Brianza in Villasanta (MB) among the top five in Italy in the production of photovoltaic panels. The operation will not be painless because it involves the closure of the Villasanta plant, with the cessation of panel production in Italy and the dismissal of about 200 people between the parent company and the subsidiary Solarday Spa in Mezzago (MB), also in Brianza.

The news of the closure of the production of MX Group was not a little surprised because in the spring the company announced the award, as a contractor, of a contract worth € 1.755 billion to build the largest photovoltaic park of the world in Serbia. It seems that in Brianza di MX Group only a commercial center with about thirty employees will remain.

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