The eco-sustainable diet

Did you know that our food choices also affect the environment? From this assumption theEco-sustainable diet: a food choice aware with a bass impact on the environment as well as being economically advantageous and healthy.

Eco-sustainable diet. The wastes
Do you know how much food ends up in the bin each year?
In the dustbin of an average Italian we find 27 kg of edible food every year: 5% of bread, 18% of meat, 12% of fruit and vegetables. If we wanted to quantify it in money, they are 584 euros thrown in the trash.

The eco-sustainable diet. The environment and animals
This is not only an economic waste, the environment is also affected. Unfortunately we lead a lifestyle that is not very eco-sustainable and therefore harmful to the soil with the gradual destruction of substrates and for animals due to inhuman living conditions.

Eco-sustainable diet. Advice
The solution is basically simple: food production integrated withenvironment that allows access to fresh food because it is locally produced that is safer, fresher, healthier, cheaper and also much tastier.

The statistics speak for themselves
Packaging accounts for up to 30% of the selling price of food, weighing on the buyers' pockets more than the agricultural product they contain. The parcels with which the shopping products are packaged generate a total of 12 million tons of waste, 40 percent of the garbage that is produced every year in Italy.

What about the cost of packaging?
In food, the cost of packaging often exceeds that of the agricultural product it contains. For example, canned beans have an incidence of 26 per cent on the industrial selling price, while for the purée in the 700 gram bottle it is reached 25 per cent, for fruit juice in brick to 20 per cent and for milk in plastic bottle above 10 percent.

How to produce less waste?
You can get to lose over two kilos per week i waste produced with reusable shopping bags (140 grams of plastic less), with homemade meat sauce (500 grams of glass and metal less), buying fresh salad instead of packaged (80 grams of plastic less) or legumes at the market instead of canned ones (220 grams less).

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