Summer salad: not always a light dish

Belly down with salads? This is not always the case ...

More than a summer dish the salads I'm a dish pre-summer, of that period in which we are preparing for costume fitting trying to slim down belly, hips and buttocks. However, it is wrong to load this unique dish with its variable caloric value with slimming powers that it almost always does not have, especially when the salad salad and includes a little of everything in the fridge.

Another risk ofsalad at noon is that of not satisfying enough and containing too many salts, two things that on the one hand ignite the desire for carbohydrates and on the other favor the stagnation of liquids in the body. L'satiety index it is important, as is the balance of different proteins, lipids and carbohydrates.

Who does not get teased by a nice salad with rocket, tomato, bresaola and mozzarella? Tasty without a doubt, but also high in calories and difficult to digest. Bresaola and mozzarella are light in themselves, but theirs proteins of different origin commit the digestive process and hold back the metabolism. Furthermore, the salt content is quite high, and adding more, the situation worsens. The craving for bread becomes almost irresistible. Who feels a diet should avoid such a dish or correct it: only bresaola or only mozzarella (or parmesan), sesame oil instead of salt, light compensation dinner.

With eggs, tuna and many vegetables, the salad is already better. Again these are proteins of different origin - eggs and fish - but the salt content it is lower and the satiety index higher, especially if the salad is accompanied by tomato, green leaves, onion and some capers. A couple of tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil for dressing and you can also treat yourself to a little mayonnaise, preferably a white yogurt sauce.

A really big salad light at the same time satiating it is rich only in vegetables and, why not, in fruit. Tomatoes, courgettes, peppers, celery and peas can be accompanied by peach cut into small pieces, with a dressing of white yogurt and olive oil, all perhaps flavored with chives. Accompanied by a couple of slices of wholemeal black bread this salad is a perfect summer main dish.

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