Smart electric cars: a project from Udine

The interior of Birò di Estrima, one of the vehicles that will be used to test new solutions for electric cars

Éstamos is the name of a research project aimed at studying new models of electric cars more efficient is smart. The initiative is funded by the Friuli Venezia Giulia Region with Law 14/2010 art 16 and involves the University of Udine, Friuli Innovazione and three highly specialized companies: DM Elektron of Buja, la Micro-Vett of Imola ed Estrima (Pordenone), the company that developed the city micro electric car BIRO '. The Èstamos project, launched in 2011, was presented in Udine last June.

“Existing electric cars - he explained Andrea Tonello, head of the Wireless Communications and Power Line Laboratory of the University of Udine - still have limitations related to charging times and to battery capacity, moreover, they do not interact with the telematic control networks of the urban mobility". Èstamos will develop electronic systems for the management of the engine and power supply aimed at maximizingenergy efficiency and to contain even more theenvironmental impact.

They will also study communication systems on board the vehicle for the management of sensors and actuators, and communication interfaces between the vehicle and the infrastructure of viability through radio systems. This way, drivers can easily check the traffic situation, optimize routes or know the presence of charging stations and other useful services.

The Èstamos roadmap foresees that the companies involved in the project invest 350 thousand euros in three years (of which 250 thousand of regional contribution) to intervene, in particular, on two aspects: increase the level of autonomy of electric vehicles and improve its performance also through interaction with external services of infomobility and of intelligent transportation. The advantages deriving from the developed solutions will be tested on electric car prototypes provided by partner companies. The solutions produced will then also be applicable to conventional vehicles.

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