How to organize a treasure hunt

Have you ever thought of organize a treasure hunt with your friends? It could be a very fun idea: often during the holidays the treasure hunt to engage children in a dynamic and lively game, but also adults make it a nice reason to pass the time.

What is the treasure hunt?
It is a game that takes place preferably outdoors, whose participants have the task of recovering a series of clues or objects in order to reach the hidden prize. You can play individually or maybe form teams. It is certainly an opportunity for cohesion and fun, but also for cunning and healthy competition, which both children and adults like a lot.

How to organize a treasure hunt. Necessary material
Treasure object
Map of Treasure
Cards to write down the clues

How to organize the treasure hunt
Teams or individuals: the choice of playing the game in teams or single players depends mainly on the number of them, if there are few it is preferable to play individually, while if there are six you can make 2 teams.
Who organize the treasure hunt he must first devise the puzzles by choosing the degree of difficulty based on the age range of the players.
The clues must be transcribed on cards and placed along a path that will lead to the final destination.

How to organize the treasure hunt. Path and clues
Before starting with the clues it is necessary to decide the objective of the game, the treasure: it can be a single object.
The path: each player will be given a clue that will gradually lead him to a precise path, where he will find other wines that will lead him to the treasure. The first clue will be given by the organizers themselves and should consist of the inevitable Map of Treasure: it shows only the general path (the total of clues) and a clue that starts the chain of puzzles.

How to organize the treasure hunt. The solution
Once all the clues have been solved gradually, we will come to the discovery of the treasure that actually decrees the player or the winning team of the game. The treasure: in order not to upset anyone, the treasure could consist of a box of biscuits or chocolates that can be distributed to everyone, after all, the treasure is just a pretext to have fun all together.

There treasure hunt on the Web
The web offers several treasure hunts every day: they are organized in such a way as to allow the participation of hundreds of people without having to leave home. in this case the different teams actively participate in the hunt on the net, each giving their own contribution to solving the different puzzles that are proposed from time to time.

Treasure hunt theme
There are several structures that organize the treasure hunt themed such as those that recreate the way of life of the old west or set in a hypothetical future. In this case, more or less complex sets are set up which will help immerse the participants in the atmosphere that the organizers intend to recreate.

The treasure hunt and the children
Through this game it is possible to make children understand the value of friendship, cooperation and mutual help, as well as accustom them to reflections and deductions.

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