What will be the first EV to go around the world?

Which will be the first electric car to go around the world? These days a competition is keeping all fans of electric vehicles. The world tour was carried out on a plastic catamaran, on a motorcycle, who knows, maybe even riding a horse but never with a 'car powered by electricity pure. Who is competing for this primacy?

Last September, Rafael de Mestre announced that he would go around the world in his Tesla Roadster. Rafael de MEstre's world tour would have been completed in 80 days or less. There Tesla Roadster has a range of 200 miles and its direct competitor is the car that takes care of the security of the Vatican City, let's talk about the Citroen C-Zero.

The only hitch for the French carmaker is autonomy. Her C-Zero it is a small and compact city car that has a range of about 60 miles. Maybe there Citroen C-Zero it will take something more than 80 days! It must be said that the C-Zero started his business three months after Rafael de Mestre was announced while Rafael boarded his Tesla to conquer the world long after. There Tesla Roadster she left for the world only on May 1st, while the Citroen C-Zero it left at the end of January.

Rafael de Mestre's goal is to chase the two engineers of the French team, hook them up and overtake them so as to become the first man to have traveled around the world in a 'electric car.

In fact, before today, other electric vehicles have managed to go around the world, but never produced by a major car manufacturer. It is clear that the brand is more than a technological challenge!

So far, Rafael de Mestre has crossed all of North America and all of Europe. De Mestre and his Tesla are currently crossing the Chinese border while the engineers of the French team, Degon and Guy, are preparing to leave Singapore. The various updates can be followed on the official Twitter channels for both the Tesla Roadster and the Citrone C Zero.

Edited by Anna De Simone

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