Sustainable energy for all

Rio + 20, the summit for sustainability, has disappointed the expectations of many but while many are seized by pessimism, we highlight the words of the UN Secretary General, Ban-ki Moon, who during the opening of Rio + 20 encouraged the UN talked about the program Sustainable energy for all.

More than 50 governments have launched new strategies forclean energy and even private investors are committed to achieving the program objective so as to double the production of clean energy and increase energy efficiency. The final goal of the program Sustainable energy for all? Make electricity accessible even in the most remote areas and do so by 2030.

THE fossil fuels they are just a means of transition and the UN Secretary has encouraged countries to aggressively pursue the goal. "I have often said that sustainable energy is the golden thread that intertwines the economy, the environment and equity "Ban-ki Moon said in his keynote address Rio +20.

The "green growth”Offers the ideal compromise between progress and environmental protection. Strengthens the economy and reduces consumption; offers opportunities for energy recovery from waste, facilitates disposal and investing in sustainability it means cultivating an infinite series of benefits that have a positive impact on the global economy and the environment.

The program Sustainable energy for all it will see concrete benefits that affect various sectors, from the daily life of every citizen to industrial realities. This is supported by Secretary General Moon. There green economy it is essential to get out of poverty and protect the environment.

About 1.3 billion people do not have access to electrical services while 2.7 billion people use wood, dirty fuels or even animal remains for heating and cooking. The "green growth”Lights up hope for the world. It means greater equity but also jobs, innovation, clean air and more liveable cities.