Boeing787 Dreamliner, the most environmentally friendly aircraft in the world

It also landed in Italy, at Grottaglie airport, on Boeing 787 Dreamliner. We are talking aboutmore ecological plane in the world. It was created by a team of experts from various international companies led byBoeing, the team also includes the Italian Alenia Aeronautica (Finmeccanica).

The fuselage is entirely made ofCarbon fiber in a single block with titanium parts that reinforce the structure. The main feature is the reduced fuel consumption: savings of 20 percent are estimated, l'noise pollution of engines by 60 percent. It also allows savings in maintenance of 30 percent precisely because it is almost entirely in carbon fiber everything is simplified. It means having fewer holes for the screws that hold it together: only 10,000 instead of a million like a B-747 jumbo.


The Boeing made his last stop in Grottaglie: here are the factories of Alenia Aermacchi where the two sections of the fuselage are manufactured. The last stage of a journey that began in Beijing last January and continued in the countries producing the airplane and potentially interested in using it in their own airlines.

This aircraft is the first to allow travel "point-to-pointยป, That is, thanks to its autonomy, it can directly connect airports in various cities, for example Venice with Philadelphia in the USA, without passing through the large crowded hubs like New York. And this definitely improves the quality of the flight for the passenger


It will be available in three versions and can carry from 210 to 280 passengers. The cost ranges from 105 to 145 million dollars, it can travel from 14,200 to 15,200 km of altitude and can reach a cruising speed of approximately 930 km / h and an altitude of 11,000 meters. Passengers should also enjoy more space, larger windows and a better ventilation system.

On board, the environment for passengers has significantly improved in the atmosphere, especially as the pressure level is lower and the humidity higher. It's like being in the hills instead of in the mountains so jet lag is less impacted on long journeys. The windows also darken at the push of a button. A first step for one more sustainable mobility, is preparing to revolutionize the world of designing future aircraft.


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