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Girl Geek Dinner Sicily, Unni viri virdi vai

Girl Geek Dinner go green! Once again the girls of the Geek Dinner they go strong, the Sicilian team stands out with an evening with a very original slogan "Go green! Unni viri virdi go ", a little English, a little Sicilian. Well, we have it for English but how do we put it with that "Unni viri virdi vai ”?

The Sicilian dialect is really difficult but the girls Girl Geek Dinner Sicily they did very well to claim their origins. We hope for a spectacular afternoon on June 16 because starting at 5.30 pm on that date, in Ortigia, at the Syracuse Hub in via Mirabella 29, the girls will meet to talk about their lives. geek but also green.

The theme of the evening will focus on sustainable innovation, eco-compatibility, organic and all that is green! But this was very clear from the slogan, Unni viri virdi go, where do you see green go!

For the Girl Geek Dinner Siciliane will be the third match and the number three plays a fundamental role. Because? Let's see.

If you add the digits of the date (16 + 06 + 1012) what will come out is an exact multiple of three (2034).
If you add up the words, again, what comes out is a multiple of three (Girl Geek Dinner Go Green Unni viri virdi vai), with a total of nine words.

I am amazed how no one on the web has yet noticed it, girls you are at risk, soon we will start talking about Freemasonry! Numbers games aside, da green girl which I am, I feel like wishing an evening with all the trimmings to my Sicilian geek friends!
Best wishes from all the staff of
Girl Geek Dinner Sicily
The official hashtag of the event on Twitter will be # ggdsicilia2 and this is their official Twitter account.

edited by Anna De Simone on twitter @annadesimone

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