Wind power

Wind power on film

L'wind power enhances the Italian landscape heritage, it does not destroy it! There are those who insist that the wind turbines alter the naturalistic assets of the Italian territory but this thesis is dropped by the photographic reportage of Giovanni Presutti, a Florentine artist who, with photographic equipment on his shoulder, shot the boot immortalizing the glimpses of the panorama on film wind power Italian. The result is suggestive and exciting, it is called "aeolus“.

The reportages of Giovanni Presutti they arrived in Paris, London, St. Petersburg but were also well received in Italy with various exhibitions in the cities of Rome, Milan, Turin, Venice, Florence and Naples. This is how the author comments on his reportage "Eolo":


"I carried out my research by placing at the center of my gaze the relationship between the plants of our country and the surrounding area not only in terms of landscape, but also from the point of view of the relationship with man and his daily life."

Most of the wind farms immortalized by Giovanni Presutti concern the reality of southern Italy where i wind parks have managed to spread. The whole nation places a strong resistance to the spread of wind turbines, the reasons are varied and range from the impact on birds to noise pollution. Some opponents even speak of "Wind Turbine Syndrome", As in the case ofwind power plant which for years has been trying to rise in Nociglia, Puglia.

The wind turbines they are not and must not be experienced as intruders on the Italian scene. Indeed, they must be welcomed as a symbol of progress, as the new energy frontier, necessary today more than ever: thewind power it is the lowest cost renewable source.

The photovoltaic is more praised thanwind energy but to this too renewable source has flaws. For example, farmers are opposed to the spread of solar cells. This category states that i photovoltaic parks they devour too much land, land that could be used for agricultural cultivation. Paradoxically, to oppose the preparation of the wind turbines are the same environmentalists, those who should enhance the spread of renewable energies. The Reportage of Giovanni Presutti is tangible proof that the wind turbines they can be integrated into Italian landscapes without altering the landscape balance.


Wind power and impact on avifauna.
The speech is different when the preparation of wind farms in areas rich in rare species such as the golden eagle, black kite, red kite and griffon vulture. The impact that thewind power avifauna is a proven reality, before setting up it will be necessary to investigate the possible impact that the "shovels”On the animal kingdom. Question that has shaken WWF Abruzzo several times for the preparation of the wind farm of Celenza sul Trigno.

edited by Anna De Simone
Credits | Giovanni Presutti, photographer

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