Ford Focus Electric

Manage your car with your smartphone? With Ford it's possible. After landing on Facebook with her virtual tour, the Ford Focus Electric is preparing to enter the Italian dealerships, it is just now.

Its debut is expected by 2013. It is a threefold car ecological since its production is expected to take place at the Michigan plant, powered largely by one of the photovoltaic systems larger than the state, plus, using recycled plastics! There are many standard technologies equipped by the Ford Focus E.


Ford Focus Electric. Technical scehda:
Electric motor, power 125 HP. 243 Nm torque
Top speed: 136 km / h
Range: 160 km
LG Chem lithium-ion battery, 23 kWh. With liquid system
6 Airbags
Electronic traction control
SYNC connectivity system with hands-free
MyKey technology
MyFord Touch system, search functionality
MyFord Mobile system, to manage the car remotely, from your smartphone
Vehicle ignition via button
Nine speakers for the Sony audio system
Sirius Satellite Radio with Travel Link
HD Radio
Navigation system with voice activation.

How to recharge theelectric car?
There Ford Focus Electric it comes with a 120 volt cable as standard and, an option could be the 240 volt charging station, sold by Ford separately. With this station it takes about three to four hours to fully charge the battery of theelectric car. As an alternative to the optional charging station, there is the standard cable and the charging columns installed on the national territory.

The lithium-ion batteries equipped in the Focus Electric have been developed by Ford in collaboration with LG Chem, the batteries use a liquid that cools and heats the power supply depending on the situation. It is thanks to this cooling and heating system that the batteries of the Focus Electric they can guarantee excellent autonomy.


Ford Focus Electric, why is it ecological?
The carmaker Ford has minimized CO2 emissions related to the production of the car in two ways:
-The car is manufactured in the Wayne, Michigan plant, powered for one part by a plant in solar power
-the upholstery of the front and rear seats is obtained thanks to the recycling of PET plastics, the classic plastic of bottles
- the use of environmentally friendly materials such as ecological sponge cushions

With the Ford Focus Electric the connectivity system will debut MyFord Touch, a new research technology supported by Microsoft and a treat for all owners of Smartphone, the application MyFord Mobile which will allow the motorist to manage his own Ford Focus E remotely.


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