Expo 2020

Monti meets the Expo commission

Finally, for the first time, Prime Minister Mario Monti will meet with the heads of theMilan Expo 2015. The Coem meeting will host the government and local authorities of the 2015 International Exposition.

The meeting was supposed to take place this February but has been postponed due to bad weather, so on 9 March, at Palazzo Chigi, the prime minister Mario Monti will meet the Expo coordination commission for the first time. The prime minister will preside over the session.

The Premier Mario Monti, after saying "no"To Italy's candidacy to host the 2020 Olympic Games, focuses entirely on the Milanese event. The topics that will be dealt with during the meeting have not been disclosed, but it can be understood that great attention will be paid to anti-mafia plan. In Italy there is no database containing the entire anti-mafia documentation, so the work entrusted to the Prefecture of Milan which will have to protect the interests of the state coffers so that there is no infiltration by the Northern 'Ndrangheta.

L'Expo 2015 represents a delicious dish for the 'Ndrangheta, based on the most recent surveys, it is estimated that public funding for Milan Expo 2015 reach 25 billion, including direct works such as the creation of exhibition spaces and management, and indirect costs such as the construction of the M4 line of the Milanese underground.

It is fervently hoped that the March meeting with Premier Monti will also silence the doubts regarding the threat of excessive overbuilding implemented for the construction of the infrastructure necessary for theExpo 2015. One thousand hectares of land, equal to 1400 football fields, is the green area that has been sacrificed in the last eight years. Cemented territory that in three years will host theExpo.

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