Mini wind, underrated technology

With current incentives, install a wind turbine it could perform well, especially for those who live in the countryside, in windy areas. The installation of a wind turbine provides for an investment that could pay off in 6-7 years. In Great Britain the mini wind it is widespread, in Italy it is preferred to invest in photovoltaics or large wind turbines.

Among other things, a controversy has recently arisen regarding the incentives for the wind sector, in fact, according to the Minister of Cultural Heritage, Ornaghi, there should be a limit on the installation of wind turbines because they involve a large landscape imaptto. For now the incentives are there, the investment possibilities are many but for the sector of mini wind everything is differences, first of all it should be clarified that the visual impact on landscapes and the production of noise pollution have rather negligible implications compared to classic turbines.

According to an estimate made by Carlo Buonfrate, president of the Consortium of producers of energy from small wind turbines (CPEM), with an investment of about 140 thousand euros, a production of about 80 kWh per year could be ensured, that is to say, generate energy equal to 24,000 euros for each year the device is active mini wind. The estimates were made considering a wind level of at least 1300-1400 hours;

A major limitation found in the field ofwind energy it is the lack of standards. In the field of photovoltaics, special certifications have been introduced, but they are completely lacking in the wind turbine sector, therefore potential buyers feel inhibited in choosing and purchasing mini wind. In a special by, Carlo Buonfrate explains what are the procedures to be followed for the installation of the mini wind and it turns out that the bureaucracy, in its current state, is not even that limiting, indeed, once the investor has found the procedure is simple:

"In the first sites where it was installed, we proceeded improperly starting with the authorizations: a site was authorized and then discovered that Enel did not guarantee the connection or offered a distant and very expensive connection. Today we do the opposite: we make sure of the availability and convenience of the connection and only afterwards we ask for the authorization which, if there are no particular environmental or landscape constraints through the simplified procedure, arrives within 30 days. "

The mini wind it is not frowned upon even by banks that are reluctant to donate financially, however, even photovoltaics, in 2005, had to face such difficulties and today, when setting up a solar plant, banks do not raise credit issues. There is a need for time and rules so that banks, like private lenders, can have the opportunity to learn more about the mini wind and trusting this far too underrated technology.

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