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Expo 2015, the anti-mafia operation begins

While waiting for the Prime Minister Monti to inaugurate a database with all the anti-mafia documentation, he is thinking about it Prefecture of Milan to protect Italy from the 'Ndrangheta and does so precisely in view of the Milan Expo 2015. The Milan International Exposition foresees the construction of 17 infrastructures, an example of which is the M4 line of the underground.

The construction of some infrastructures has already been started regardless of theExpoothers have been specially commissioned. With the'Milan Expo 2015 we will witness the arrival of large public funding, estimated at a figure that goes up to 25 billion euros. These public funds are a delicious dish for the Northern Ndrangheta and the task of Prefecture of Milan it will be to make sure that this money doesn't go into the wrong pockets. It will be the prefecture that will have the competence to issue all anti-mafia certifications. In practical terms, the Milanese Prefecture will be the operations center for checks, authorizations and disqualifications for all those who will be involved in setting up the work sites of theExpo 2015, regardless of the location of the contracting company.

"The list of planned works makes us feel that a flood of public money is arriving in Milan - writes president Beppe Pisanu - estimated up to 25 billion between works and direct costs (ie creation of exhibition spaces and management, which however represent the smallest item, equal to approximately 4 billion) and indirect costs (connected infrastructures). For this reasonExpo 2015 represents a real emergency of legality for the concrete and significant risks of infiltration by mafia companies in the procedures for the award and execution of the works "

Just today, February 13, the company Expo 2015 together with the Milanese Prefecture, they will sign the first legality protocol in the presence of the Minister of the Interior Anna Maria Cancellieri. Alberto Cisterna, of the National Anti-Mafia Directorate comments on the protocol as follows:

"Expo 2015 is the last frontier to stem the 'Ndrangheta in the North, if it is able to penetrate the competitions and works, nothing will be the same again in Lombardy - states the deputy national prosecutor - and the bosses would create a network of collusion and complicity that would take a decade to dismantle and what we have seen so far, in comparison, would be a joke. Expo 2015 it can be the Stalingrad of a voracious and arrogant 'Ndrangheta. It is up to the state to close the game ».

The legality protocol ofExpo 2015 it also pays special attention to those “sensitive” supplies, ie it will request anti-mafia information regarding the transport and disposal of waste or land, regardless of the contractual value. Every euro invested in the construction of structures forExpo 2015 it must always be monitored through the so-called dedicated account which will allow the tracking of financial flows. Not only strict controls on money management but also on labor policies: it is well known that mafia companies almost always make use of undeclared workers, therefore there will be vigilant controls on labor flows.

edited by Anna De Simone

Video: Mafia initiation ritual video released by Italian police (November 2021).