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Line M4, inaugurated for the Milan Expo

For theMilan Expo 2015, the perfect public line is planned. Twenty-one stops between Linate and Lorenteggio. The construction sites of the Metro 4 even if between snail financing and appeals to the TAR it is highly doubted that the company can be successfully implemented. For theExpo, the most optimistic hypotheses see the terminus in San Babila or even worse, in Dateo, limiting the public route to six stops with the connection given by the interchange with Passante and subway. Last January 20 the obstacle that prevented the implementation of the works was overcome, in fact there was the risk of seals: the sentence of the TAR confirmed the regularity of the tender won by the business association led by Impreglio which can then continue with the works interrupted due to the appeal made by the second classified.

There M4 from appeal to appeal becomes shorter and shorter. Construction sites will reopen on 1 February for a project worth over 1.6 billion euros. The investment is supported by the State for 46.27%, with private funds for 39.17% and for the remaining 23.5% there will be funds from the Municipality of Milan. According to forecasts, for theExpo the line will stop in Forlanini. The Councilor for Mobility Pierfrancesco Maran comments:

"We trust that the railways will respect the times, which must build the station in time for the Exhibition. In Forlanini there will be the new Passante stop which will connect the airport to the Expo site. Our goal is to deliver the entire line to the Milanese as soon as possible ". Contina the councilor. "We have opened a negotiating table to reconsider the time schedule of the entire work, our goal is to arrive in San Babila at least for 2016 but the company must assess whether even in the face of extra costs it can guarantee the deadline. We will evaluate the timetable with Impregilo in the coming weeks ».

There were many projects planned for Milanese mobility in view of theExpo 2015. Among those now forgotten was a Linate-Expo tunnel that could have burying all traffic going to the exhibition center, including the coaches for visitors who will disembark at the airport causing crazy traffic jams. Commenting on the forgotten tunnel project is Masseroli, a former city planning councilor who a year ago led to the approval of the Plan questioned by the new Pisapia council.

«A work that was fundamental for us - says Masseroli referring to the Linate-Expo tunnel -. Residents in the Ghisolfa flyover area see thousands of cars whizzing past their homes every day, we could have limited the inconvenience. But obviously the mayor as he demonstrates Area C cares more about the fate of the environmentalist residents of the center ".

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