The damage of industrial waste

Who transits in industrial areas knows the terrible ones well smoke black. You don't have to be a doctor to understand how bad they are human health and you don't have to be an environmentalist to be indignant. I don't understand how companies manage to keep calm even knowing that a few kilometers from their home there is a industrial site capable of provoking cancer is respiratory diseases. The black puffs leaking from the exhaust pipes of many companies create big problems public health and have a disastrous impact on global warming.

The soot that comes out of the exhaust pipes has the scientific name of "black carbon“, Is produced by almost every type of combustion and an annual world production of 8 million tons of black carbon. While the effects of exhaust gas industry on public health, until now the environmental damage directed on climate.

The soot particles arrobono solar radiation e transmit heat to the atmosphere with a clear effect of heating climatic. The Hournal of Geophysical Research: Atmosfpheres published a study by a team of researchers from 29 universities and institutions around the world. L'climate impact of Black Carbon it's terrifying.

The researchers analyzed the processes that the black carbon. Soot absorbs sunlight, affects clouds, settles on ice and snow and changes their reflective properties ... in other words, the research has concluded that the effect of black carbon on the climate is about double what was thought.

In a classification of the worst enemies of climate, the soot from industrial waste it is placed in second place, immediately after the most famous greenhouse gases. The smartest move to make is to reduce the soot emissions both for climatic purposes and to protect the public health. Clean air should be everyone's right.

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