Organic food

How to tell if a food is organic

Most of the hypermarkets have been set up to house a department "Bio"But who tells us that i Organic products found on those shelves really are organic food? It is in the interest of the producer to affirm with labels that that food is organic and it is in the interest of the supermarket to sell, so who protects the consumer? Thinking about it is a project coordinated by the University of Copenhagen in close Italian collaboration of the Edmund Mach Foundation with the research center of theItalian Association for Organic Agriculture (Aiab). The project is called AuthenticFood and will deal with analyzing the production chains, collecting samples to be analyzed to see if the food is worthy of Bios certification.

THE organic foods must ensure high standards throughout the production chain, which is why Aiab will analyze the operations by testing the product. 11 European countries and 16 partners will participate in the project, among them, Aiab explains in a note:

"The researchers will consider some organic plant products (in particular tomatoes, cereals and derivatives) and will complete the development of a series of the most promising and innovative analytical methods for the authentication of food products of plant origin. The main purpose of the project is to develop tools that make it possible to strengthen the reliability of organic products and further guarantee consumers but also users of raw materials, such as mills, feed mills, producers of puree, etc. "

The project is very useful, as confirmed by the numerous actions of the Guardia di Finanza which intercept batches of products with false organic certificates. The fraudulent trade of biological food is a double deterrent for the buyer who finds himself buying a high-priced food and then ingesting the same amount of chemical elements as a cheaper product biological. It is obvious that the analytical methods offered by the AuthenticFood project will not replace the series of certification procedures, but it is equally certain that they will be useful to many consumers and companies that purchase raw materials on international markets.

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